Seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady Announces Retirement

Seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady Announces Retirement

Seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady has announced via a video on Twitter that he is retiring for good. The legendary National Football League quarterback posted the video on Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

According to Bookie PPH, Brady announced his retirement in February 2021 but retracted in March. It barely lasted for only 40 days off the field before coming back. However, after 23 seasons in the NFL, he will be out for good.

A Legendary Super Bowl Champion

Seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady Announces RetirementTom Brady started his career as the 199th pick in the 2000 draft of the NFL by the New England Patriots. He then led the franchise to six Super Bowl titles per the pay per head sources. In 2020, he then played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he got the title only in his first season.

Amongst his 23 career seasons in the NFL, Brady has bagged under his name a seven-time Super Bowl Champion, five-time Super Bowl MVP, and three-time League MVP. Aside from this, his all-time regular-season records are 89,214 passing yards with 12,050 attempts and 7,753 completions. Not to mention his 649 touchdown passes. Yet, up to this writing, Brady still holds the top title for the abovementioned categories.

Greatest Player of All Time

Brady is not just any of the other players in the league. With this presence, he has led his team for 20 out of 21 playoff seasons. According to the Best Bookie pay per head, he holds a record of 13,400 first-all-time playoff passing yards with 88 playoff touchdowns. No doubt, this man is truly the greatest player of all time.

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