Lawmakers Propose Hawaii Gambling Bills

Hawaii is one of two states with no form of legalized commercial gambling. The other state is Utah. At present, state lawmakers introduced several Hawaii gambling bills that would legalize several forms of gambling in Hawaii.

House Bill 918 would provide a 10-year license for a single “poker and sportsbook gambling establishment” on the island of Oahu. The hotel’s facilities are accessible to anyone over 21 who registers to stay and pays the annual fee.

Representatives John Mizuno and Daniel Holt filed a measure that would create a Hawaii Gaming Control Commission. The bill would also create a state gaming fund, a tax on gross profits, and a treatment program for gambling addiction.

Hawaii Gambling Bills

Lawmakers Propose Hawaii Gambling BillsLawmakers are now considering two further proposals about sports betting. In addition, they are discussing two bills on online fantasy sports.

According to the best online sportsbook software, sports betting is set to be governed by the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism under Senate Bill 1109 and House Bill 344. All parties involved in sports wagering need to apply for licenses under the proposed legislation. Also, the bill stated that sports wagering is not a form of gambling.

Two additional proposals in the Senate address the realm of online fantasy sports games (SB 1108 and SB 1146). According to sportsbook pay per head sources, these competitions would be free from state gambling rules when a registration scheme was set up. However, one of these laws would also levy a tax on the winnings of online fantasy sports games to fund public schools and roads.

According to pay per head bookie reports, the Hawaii Lottery and Gaming Corporation proposed under Senate Bill 1107 would be responsible for managing and enforcing all forms of gambling inside the state. In addition, this legislation would create a dedicated fund. The state will use a portion of the fund for different civic improvement projects.

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