About BookiePayPerHead.net

Bookie Pay Per HeadBookiePayPerHead.net is an informational website for the bookie and sports betting industry. Our goal is to create an ethical market place for the Pay Per Head and gambling software industry. Thus, we have made this website where bookies, players and agents can rate and give their own reviews.  Basically, this is a website where people can discuss specific betting platforms and Bookie Pay Per Head services.

Furthermore, our Bookie PPH reviews are originally made by actual bookies and sports betting agents.  Even though we try to be as objective as possible, there will without a doubt be some bias and favoritism in our Pay Per Head review.

This is where we combat it by letting people state their own opinion of our reviews without any censorship. All of our reviews have a feature that allows someone to write their own review and opinion about a PPH. However, even though we will not censor anyone, we will monitor each review to ensure they are fair and not as a mean for PPH to bash each other.

Why we began BookiePayPerHead.net

I began this website to give people a true opinion of a Pay Per Head Bookie service.  As I began to explain my ideas for this website to friends and colleagues, I got a lot of support. Later on, this support became the co-founders of this site as well as writers, journalists and reviewers.

Even though we are not doing this site for the money, we do take part in gambling affiliate programs. However, keep in mind that we only advertise companies that have an excellent track record for quality software and services.

Our Goals and Values

Trust is our most valuable asset because our goal is to be the #1 source of information for the Bookie Pay Per Head industry.  This is why we validate all of the gambling new before we present it to you.  Thus, we have a commitment to only offer an open and fair gambling news coverage around the world.

Furthermore, all of our Bookie Pay Per Head Reviews are made by an impartial panel of gambling experts.  They include successful bookies, sports betting software experts, marketing professionals and even bettors.