Mac McClung Wins Slam Dunk Title at All-Star Saturday

Mac McClung Wins Slam Dunk Title at All-Star Saturday

Many basketball fans said Mac McClung saved this year’s NBA slam dunk contest. The 6-foot-2 guard won against Trey Murphy III in the contest’s final round. Also, it ended the NBA All-Star Saturday on a high note.

Judges gave his 540-degree dunk a perfect score. Also, it was his third perfect score in the contest. But, even before the judges showed their score, everyone in the arena knew that McClung won the title.

McClung committed to defending his slam dunk title next year in Indianapolis. The final score was 100 for McClung and 98 for Murphy. Also, it was a good Cinderella story for McClung. He spent most of the season in the G League.

Mac McClung Wins Slam Dunk Title

Mac McClung Wins Slam Dunk Title at All-Star SaturdayAfter three years at Georgetown and Texas Tech, McClung went undrafted in 2021. According to bookie pay per head solution sources, the Warriors picked him up last year. He was on the team, although he never saw action throughout the season. Furthermore, he was included on the USA Basketball World Cup qualifying roster.

Live betting platform experts say it would make Philadelphia his third NBA franchise overall. However, he hasn’t even played for the 76ers yet. Last year, he had two appearances on the court, once for the Chicago Bulls and once for the Los Angeles Lakers. As of right now, he has three NBA victories to his name.

Saturday night, he had four dunks. It would have been nice if the dunk contest was salvaged by someone who had more dunks than legitimate NBA field goals.

According to online sportsbook software sources, the evening was started in motion by McClung, who stunned NBA all-stars with a reverse slam dunk that saw him leaping over two defenders before swiping the ball from one player and tapping it on the backboard. But that’s not even the whole story.

He won the newly renamed Julius “Dr. J” Erving Dunk Contest Trophy, named after the dunking icon and former Philadelphia 76ers great, on the strength of his flawless dunk.

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