PPHCR.com Bookie Pay Per Head Review

PPHCR.com is a bookie pay per head service in San Jose, Costa Rica that caters to the North American market.  Furthermore, they are a fairly new to the Pay Per Head industry as they began to offer their services in 2014. Our PPHCR.com Bookie Pay Per Head Review will rate and review the pros and cons of their services.

This Bookie Pay Per Head provider is one of the latest brand or a reseller of RDGCorp.com. They currently offer their services for $8 per player.  In addition, they offer as one of their service the customization of their services.

Bookie Mgt. Platform: 6.0 out of 10

Player Platform: 6.0 out of 10

Cost Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Customer Service: 4.5 out of 10

TOTAL RATING: 6.13 out of 10

Info and Details about PPHCR.com Pay Per Head

Company Information

  • Inception: 2014
  • Platform: DGS
  • Price Per Player: $8
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 1-888-205-5128
  • Website: pphcr.com
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Current Promotion: 2 Free Week

Gambling Features

  • Sports Betting: yes
  • Live Sports Betting: no
  • Online Casino: Yes,
  • Racebook: yes
  • Live Casino: yes
  • Poker Room: no
  • Online Gambling: yes
  • Telephone Gambling: Yes

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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At first glance, PPHCR.com has a nice looking website and finding information about their Pay Per Head services is easy. Opening an agent account with them consists of filling out their registration form.  In addition, once you submit the form someone will get back in touch with your account information in 1-2 hours.

The time frame is ok but we wish that the signup process was automatic as it would be much more convenient.  One thing we did not appreciate is their sales department. This is because we were asking a question about the reports, the clerk told us to just read the website.  This is not good service as he could have taken a few minutes of his time to answer us.

PPHCR.com Player and Agent Platform Review

The PPHCR.com player and agent platform runs on the DGS sports betting software with a few additions to it. In terms of user friendliness, the Bookie Agent platform is mediocre.  This is because it seems like they did not put a lot of effort in improving the DGS platform.

PPHCR.com ReviewHowever, it a bookie will be able to easily perform the basic tasks of creating and managing players.  We just wish that they had more options when it comes to managing players. Of course, in order to properly manage your players, you need a good reporting system. Unfortunately, PPHCR.com falls short in that department as well.

To be honest, we expected more from PPHCR.com because they are a sister or sub-brand of RDG Corp.  Thus, they should have experience in the Pay Per Head business and know what bookie are looking for.

The player/bettor website is generic but that is not unusually in the Pay Per head business.  If you look at most Bookie Pay Per Head review websites, you will see that this is a common theme. However, cosmetic looks is not what we are looking for.  What we are after is how easy it is for a player to bet on sports.

The player betting interface is decent as it does do everything it promises.  Players are able to login and place their bets without having to look very hard to do it. However, we feel that it the structure of the betting menu could be better.  This is because if you are not a veteran bettor, the gambling menu could be overwhelming.

Our Opinion about PPHCR.com

PHCR.com is without a doubt a low level Bookie Pay Per Head provider.  The cost of $8 per player does not justify the service.  This is because several premium Bookie PPH services offer better service for around that price or less.

We recommend using a different PPH service if you are serious about opening your own sportsbook.  You want a Pay Per Head that gives you better reports and more management options at a more affordable price.

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Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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 by Kevin B.
Did not Like

The site is okay for the most part. But I did not even bother finishing the 2 week trial because they have no live betting. My income will take a hit if I cannot offer that to my guys.

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