Our IDSCA.com pay her head review will help future bookies discover which sportsbook pay per head service to get. It is important to start your sportsbook with a reputable company that can cater to your needs, since they will be the foundation for your bookie operation.

So for our latest pay per head reviews, we’ll take a look at one of the oldest PPH provider in the industry. 

Bookie Mgt. Platform: 4.0 out of 10

Player Platform: 6.0 out of 10

Cost Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Customer Service: 4 out of 10

TOTAL RATING: 5.5 out of 10

Latest IDSCA Update

2019-09-17 – Rating went up from 5 to 5.5 because Pay Per Head Prices went down.  Prices went from $23 per head to $10 per head for their basic package and $15 per head for premium package

Info and Details about IDSCA.com Pay Per Head

Company Information

  • Inception: 2002
  • Platform: ASI
  • Price Per Player: $10 and Up
  • Contact: chat
  • Telephone: 1-866-225-5437
  • Website: IDSCA.com
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Current Promotion: 1 Free Week

Gambling Features

  • Sports Betting: yes
  • Live Sports Betting: yes
  • Online Casino: Yes,
  • Racebook: yes
  • Live Casino: no
  • Poker Room: no
  • Online Gambling: yes
  • Telephone Gambling: Yes

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IDSCA.com is one of the more established pay per head sites. Having been in business for more than a decade, IDSCA has proven itself to be a reliable pay per head provider. But what we wanted to know, is if they still have what it takes to beat the competition in terms of price and features. 

From the get to, their process was screaming old school to us. We had to sign up, wait to be contacted. Then we had to contact someone to help get us set up. After signing up, we were asked to place a deposit. The price? $23 per head. It comes with the basic features, plus a personalized website and personalized toll free number as well. 

If you want the basic sports betting only, its cheaper, but you’ll have to upgrade to be able to offer casino games, and the like. This is just too confusing to manage. 

IDSCA.com Player and Agent Platform Review

Well, it is kind of expected that we won’t be wowed by their software, especially since they still use ASI. While there is nothing wrong with that, there are other, better, newer technologies that they could have migrated to. This is something we see with older providers. They tend to bank on their name and reputation and tenure, but they forget that the product itself is their main feature, and they should be working on that. So for a player, they could expect a bit old-school looking site. This can affect your reputation though, since the look of your site feels old, your players may think you do not have the resources to take them into the next century.

Moving on to the agent profile, we actually felt worse going through it. While the features are all there, its a pain to get them to work. The interface is not seamless, and it takes longer to get things done, especially compared to the software of other sportsbook pay per head providers. 

Next, we tested their player management software. This is one of the more important features you could put, since you will need to make sure your players get what they need, and that you can set their limits as well. So far, you could set parlay, as well as teaser max wager limits. But anything else than that, you will have to spend more time fixing it by getting in touch with customer service. 

Our Opinion about IDSCA.com

The overall experience we had with this site, is that it was not well thought of. When developing software, there is special care taken with ensuring that the users will be able to use the site well. They form a process based on how they think the users will use the site. Somehow, this was not the case here. there are far too many steps to make the interface smooth and quick. 

In addition, the price is expensive at $23 per head. And in this case, you are not paying for the privilege of using an established software. Rather, you are dealing with an outdated, overpriced site. There are far too many options in the market that can deliver in half their price point. 

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Wyatt M
Not affordable

What turned me off was that weird price scheme. The one I use now has one rate thats cheap but complete. This one though? Your price depends on what you want and all that so you end up paying a lot more than you should. Not recommending them to anyone.

 by Clark

Noped my way out of that site. If i wanted the whole package I would have paid over $20! I got the one I use now for 1/4 the price. Talk about overpricing.

 by Olly
Do not try

I spent too much for too little. Will never recommend their services. Didnt even last a month. Software isnt good too, you guys are being too nice with your review tbh.

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