New Chess Tournament Introduces New Format

Chess has become more popular in recent years. Thus, organizers seize the opportunity to ride the wave and bring the sport to a wider audience. The Global Chess League is a new chess tournament launched on June 22 in Dubai. Also, it introduced a new format.

The tournament starts with six teams with six players respectively. There will be a group stage. Then the top two teams will face each other in the final match.

According to bookie PPH reports, the tournament will have a franchise-style format. Also, some of chess’s biggest names are part of the GCL. One of them is Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

New Chess Tournament

New Chess Tournament Introduces New FormatThe top-ranked chess player in the world, Carlsen, is one of the “icon” players that each team must have. There must also be two female contestants and a player born in 2002 or later. The other notable players are the Indian grandmaster Viswanathan Anand and the Russian grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi.

FIDE, chess’s governing body, and Tech Mahindra, a business specializing in digital transformation, came up with the idea. The group aims to improve the game using cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Sportsbook pay per head data indicates that the victorious Dubai squad will split $15,000 among its players and manager. Carlsen and GCL chairman Jagdish Mitra both highly expect the new league structure to attract new fans to the game.

Mitra wants the GCL to broaden the appeal of chess, while he understands why some people would like to preserve the status quo of conventional chess competitions. He emphasized that the purpose of the GCL is to improve environmental conditions rather than to displace established norms.

The most important goal is making the GCL interesting and engaging enough for a television audience. If the GCL achieves its purpose, the biggest chess stars may soon become well-known worldwide.

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