Dirty Diaper Earns Overall Lead After Day 1d of 2023 WSOP Main Event

Dirty Diaper Earns Overall Lead After Day 1d of 2023 WSOP Main Event

Day 1d is the final starting flight of the 2023 WSOP Main Event. It saw more than 4,100 entries. Thus, this year’s event shattered the old record of 8,773 set in 2006. According to pay per head sportsbook sources, at least 9,350 participants this year.

Poker players from across the globe gathered at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. According to bookie reviews and news sites, Chris Moneymaker welcomed the players to the Main Event. Also part of the welcoming committee is Gene Calden, the oldest player to play at the tournament at 100 years old.

The top winner of the first day is Nicholas “Dirty Diaper” Rigby. We won 408,000 chips and qualified for Day 2 as the chip leader. Also, he was the only player to get more than 400,000 chips.

2023 WSOP Main Event Chip Leader

Dirty Diaper Earns Overall Lead After Day 1d of 2023 WSOP Main EventAccording to bookie pay per head reviews and news sites, the Pennsylvanian’s tournament career is sparse. However, he had a strong showing in this event. In 2019, Rigby played his favorite hand, a deuce-three offsuit, to a 52nd-place finish in the Main Event, winning $136,100.

Brittney Stout had a fantastic day on the felt and spent Day 1d chasing down the leader. Stout was in good spirits all day, and who could blame him when he won 375,500 in chips? Other players who finished in the money were high roller Chris Hunichen (321,100), Neel Murthy (323,100), and Brandon Mincher (317,500).

An abundance of extracurricular activities and general anarchy have been likened to a circus by some. On Day 1d, not only did it happen, but a real circus also showed up! With Daniel “Jungleman” Cates costumed as a lion in a cage behind him, Phil Hellmuth made his grand entrance as a Stage Master at the Main Event. Hellmuth was accompanied by seventeen models, who stood in for his seventeen World Series of Poker gold bracelets.

When Phil Hellmuth walked in, some people cheered and applauded because they were fans of his and could not wait to take a photo, while others grumbled and complained because they were attempting to play poker. Seeing Hellmuth enter the Main Event is a show every year, and this year was no exception. While Hellmuth ended the night with 108,500 after being promoted to the feature table, Cates was eliminated shortly after supper.

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