A Guide to Bookie Cash Flow Management

Bookies should know the basics of financial management. Players usually have a sports betting fund they set aside to wager throughout the year. On the other hand, bookies need to manage their money correctly to optimize profits. Thus, we share a guide to bookie cash flow management.

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Bookie Cash Flow Management Guide

A Guide to Bookie Cash Flow ManagementAs a bookie, you should now be aware of the cash reserves required to run a sportsbook. Some things to think about are as follows.

Calendar – Seasons in various sports leagues begin at different times of the year. Some overlap is possible. If you know that some months will have less betting activity than others, you may plan to ensure that you have enough earnings from other months to offset the slow months.

Betting Action – Consider the type of betting activity you accept from your players on a sport-by-sport and season-by-season basis. There will be crossover amongst leagues such as MLB, NFL, and NBA. There are also the tennis Grand Slams, UFC fights, boxing contests, collegiate athletics, and more. Use them to predict the months you will require a large sum of money to cover probable losses from bettors and plot them on your sports calendar.

Service Costs – there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, there are several more reasonably priced options available. You may charge a weekly fee per active player with the correct bookie software. Make sure the vig you receive from your players is enough to pay the weekly expenses by projecting the number of players you expect to have each week or month. The only way to pay for it is to master limit play and increase your wagers. With this method, you may avoid spending money on maintaining your sportsbook.

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