NBA Video Reviews will Make Games Slower

NBA Video Reviews will Make Games Slower

Many sports gambling news analysts warned about implementing the coach’s challenge in basketball games. It looks like the league didn’t listen to its critic. In fact, the league will implement NBA video reviews to dispute calls starting next season.

The NBA is already using quick video review on goaltending and out of bounds situations. The board of governor of the league approved the introduction of the coach’s challenge. As a result, coaches can ask referees to review blocks, charges, and fouls. In addition, referees get one challenge per game. However, they need to call a timeout before any NBA video reviews.

According to a bookie pay per head provider, Challenges can stop the flow of the game. Although they can use it once per game, it can greatly disrupt the momentum of the opposing team. Also, it can slow down the game. While it makes the game better officiated, the quality of the game diminishes in terms of entertainment value.

It is similar to becoming a bookie without the use of pay per head software. The game becomes slow and players wait for their payouts.

The Future of NBA Video Reviews

NBA Video Reviews will Make Games SlowerThe Coach’s Challenge has been in effect in the G League for the last two seasons. Also, it is used in this year’s NBA Summer League. With the approval of the Board of Governors, the league will have a trial run in the upcoming season according to a report given to sports betting software news outlets.

According to the rules, each team can call for a video review once per game. It doesn’t matter whether the challenge is successful or not. A Coach’s challenge can only be used on a goaltending violation, out-of-bounds, and personal fouls called on the team.

The coach can use the challenge anytime for a personal foul. If it is for goaltending or out-of-bounds violation, the coach can’t use it in the last two minutes of the last quarter or in overtime. If the team has no remaining timeouts and call a challenge, the penalty will be a technical foul. In addition, no challenge will occur.

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