NBA Free Agency: Kawhi Leonard Announces Team

nba free agency

The NBA Free Agency, for the most part, has been a small period where some action is taken in between seasons. But gambling news has been particularly noisy about this year’s free agency. Wagering action has been good, even according to the top sports betting software solution in Asia.

And, the much-awaited announcement has been made: Kawhi Leonard will be signing with the Los Angeles Clippers. There are more than 200 free agents, but out of all of them Kawhi kept quiet, and the sporting world were left and right with their wagers and speculations.

NBA Free Agency

nba free agencyAside from Kawhi, you also have free agent stars like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant moving to the Brooklyn Nets. Kemba Walker will then replace Kyrie Irving in the Boston Celtics. Meanwhile, you have the Warriors getting D’Angelo Russell from a sign and trade with Brooklyn. In addition, Kevon Looney and Klay Thompson will also be staying with the Warriors.

Rumor has it, that Kawhi Leonard wants a long-term deal, which he gets from the LA Clippers, and he gets $142 million for it. KD gets $164 million for four years with the Nets. As for Walker and Irving, they both get $141 million over four years in their respective teams. Klay Thompson stays with the Warriors for another 5 years worth $190 million. These are mostly, rumors, so we won’t know about the details until after Saturday’s deadline.

There are a few more names we have not yet heard from. Such as DeMarcus Cousins, Marcus Morris, Nicola Mirotic (might play abroad), Kelly Oubre, Jr., and a few more. Of course, we’ll know more in the next few days. Before then, you should read some gambling software reviews to find the best pph provider for your sportsbook needs so you can start earning from basketball.

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