Troy Aikman Reveals Almost Signing with Teams after Cowboys Release

Troy Aikman Reveals Almost Signing with Teams after Cowboys Release

The odds of Tom Brady not returning to the New England Patriots is at its peak right now. There are changes to be made for the Patriots. It depends on the results of its AFC Wild Card game with the Titans. Troy Aikman knows what it is like to be in Brady’s shoe.

Aikman won three Super Bowls for Dallas in the 1990s, but the team still waived him after suffering from injuries. The former Cowboys quarterback told Bookie Pay Per Head Software news outlets that there were three times when he nearly returned to the NFL after his retirement.

Aikman told Pay Per Head Reviews and News sites that he hoped to play for Dallas or San Diego coming out of the draft. It seemed like he was getting his wish to play for the Chargers in 2001 when Norv Turner joined the San Diego coaching staff in 2001. However, the Chargers’ new GM John Butler signed Doug Flutie instead. As a result, Aikman decided to retire.

Troy Aikman after Dallas

Troy Aikman Reveals Almost Signing with Teams after Cowboys ReleaseIn 2002, Aikman was already a commentator for Fox when he got a call from Philadelphia coach Andy Reid. The coach told him he could suit up as a starter against San Francisco in a Monday night game. However, he decided against making a comeback at that time.

He tried to connect with Turner again when the offensive coordinator got a job at the Miami Dolphins. He was ready to go back to training. During that time, the Dolphins were missing a good quarterback in their roster. It has been two years since the retirement of Dan Marino, and their starter was the undrafted Jay Fielder, according to bookie pay per head archives.

However, the front office was not thoroughly convinced about the idea. As a result, Aikman stopped his attempts at making an NFL comeback. He is still part of the NFL, as a color commentator for Fox Sports. Also, the former quarterback has plenty of time to relax and enjoy going to vacation sports. He might consider going to Raymond James Costa Rica, Bahamas, Maldives, and other beautiful places on the planet.

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