Governor and Tribes Close on Connecticut Gambling Deal

Governor and Tribes Close on Connecticut Gambling Deal

According to newly released emails, Governor Ned Lamont and two Native American tribes are close to agreeing on a Connecticut gambling deal. In an email, the governor told Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Chairman Rodney Butler that they might reach a compromise in April.

However, their negotiations hit a snag along the way. The governor told the best sportsbook pay per head that he thought a good deal was on the table last May 8. He added that his team made it as a compromise for the tribes. Butler answered that they could reach a deal that’s beneficial for the state.

After becoming the governor of Connecticut, Lamont spent months trying to create a gambling contract that will not violate the state’s revenue-sharing deal with the two tribes. Also, the governor wants to legalize online gambling and sports betting.

Connecticut Gambling Deal

Governor and Tribes Close on Connecticut Gambling DealIn exchange for exclusive rights to several types of gambling, the tribes provide 25 percent of their slot machine revenues. At present, tribes pay around $270 million each year. Also, they believe that they have exclusive rights to sports betting.

Lamont told betting software providers that he wants a resolution that will prevent complex litigation. Also, he wants to improve the gambling industry of the state. Besides, he wants to avoid the legal battles with MGM Resorts.

According to pay per head reviews and news sites, the casino operator plans to challenge the state’s decision to allow a third tribal casino. After several months, Lamont wants to keep it simple by pushing for legislation that will enable online lottery games and sports betting.

A sports betting bill in 2020 will be beneficial for the state and the two tribes. Neighboring states are offering sports wagering, and it is not helpful for the state to be left behind. The tribes support the legalization of sports betting in Connecticut.

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