The High-Tech Ball that Will Change Soccer Forever

When the 2022 World Cup kicked off last Sunday, it revealed a new high-tech ball. Some people say it would change soccer forever.

It is the first World Cup to use such a ball-tracking system. Thus, match balls will include a sensor that captures real-time spatial location data during the competition. That will increase the accuracy and efficiency of systems like offside reviews and VAR (video assistance referees) by combining them with currently available optical tracking capabilities. In the world of technology, combining these two monitoring methods is the holy grail. Over the next four weeks, FIFA’s deployment of the ball sensor will serve as a very public test case.

According to bookie PPH sources, like many other aspects of the developing field of sports technology, the World Cup setting serves as both a culmination and the starting point of a whole new age. For example, these specific ball sensors required six years of development and testing before getting full FIFA approval. Still, such occasions might swiftly launch developing technology into the public eye through uses beyond refereeing.

High-Tech Ball in the World Cup

The High-Tech Ball that Will Change Soccer ForeverAccording to sportsbook software specialists, FIFA’s use of this technology for the 2022 World Cup will be referred to as a “semi-automated offside” tool – operated mainly by AI characteristics but still requires human approval.

Every match ball has a KINEXON gadget, a prominent player in the performance-tracking market across several sports. According to the manufacturer, this gadget weighs 14 grams (just under 0.5 ounces) and operates concurrently with two independent sensors.

Bookmakers are handling FIFA World Cup betting action admirably. Moreover, sportsbook operators estimate the volume to increase as the finals approach.

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