North Dakota Signed Sports Betting Compact with Native American Tribes

North Dakota Signed Sports Betting Compact with Native American Tribes

North Dakota Governor Doug Burnum signed sports betting compact with five tribal nations. In addition, they announced the signing of the gaming compact involving sports wagering in the state. However, the deal needs final approval from the federal government.

The current gaming compacts in the state will expire in 2023. Thus, the governor and the tribes need to discuss the new gaming compacts. On the other hand, the Department of the Interior has forty-five days to reject or approve compacts. If the federal government takes no action within the period, the compacts automatically take effect.

New Sports Betting Compact in North Dakota

North Dakota Signed Sports Betting Compact with Native American TribesGovernor Burgum said his administration is happy to work with tribal leaders and their representatives. PPH bookie sources said they spent several months negotiating for the new compacts. Also, they look forward to the mutual benefits the gaming industry provides to the state and tribes.

The compacts have been amended to eliminate regulatory redundancy. Also, they would clear up various other regulatory and definition concerns. Lastly, they enable online Class III casino-style gambling and online sports betting, including mobile gaming and online gambling software, inside the physical limits of the reservations.

In 36 states and the District of Columbia, sports betting is allowed. The American Gaming Association predicts that Americans will legally gamble roughly $100 billion this year.
According to the AGA, Americans gamble around $63.8 billion on sports yearly through unregulated channels such as local bookmakers.

According to the AGA, North Dakota has around 11 tribal casinos that earn over $250 million in gaming revenue each year. There are no commercial casinos in the area. Thus, optimizing sportsbook profits with a pay per head is viable in the state.

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