Bren Advanced to the M5 Finals After Sweeping Blacklist

Bren Advanced to the M5 Finals After Sweeping Blacklist

It will be Indonesia against the Philippines as Bren advanced to the M5 finals. In addition, it will face Onic eSports for the World Championship. It was an all-Filipino lower bracket final between Blacklist International and AP.Bren. The latter swept the former 3-0.

According to pay per head sportsbook experts, the Codebreakers were banished to the M5 stage because they could not withstand the Bees’ extremely aggressive strategy. In the end, Blacklist came in third place overall. AP.Bren appeared to experience emotional distress after losing a match 0-3. In their match against Onic Esports during Game 1, their perseverance was truly evident.

The Bees were unstoppable, taking up most of the lanes thanks to David Charles “Flap” Canon’s Paquito and Angelo Kyle “Pheww” Arcangel’s Novaria, who had incredible mobility. The Codebreakers were no match for their opponents, who were both fierce and visionary.

Bren Advanced to the M5 Finals

Bren Advanced to the M5 Finals After Sweeping BlacklistEven in Game 2, Flap’s Paquito proved to be an overwhelming force, combining with the Bees’ aggressive tendency to form a devastating combination punch.

According to bookie software sources, their engagement strategy was unique. They depended on Arlott, played by Rowgien “Owgwen” Unigo, to supply the combination.

In the last game, with the Bees’ momentum in their favor, AP.Bren scored the game-winning goal. As they planned their moves, Bren survived most clashes while Blacklist gained some momentum.

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