Why More People Are Betting on Sports Online

Sports wagering has been around for hundreds of years and gone thru many transformations. The biggest one came about in the 1990s with the inception of online sports betting. At first, due to technological limitations it had its limits. However, today it is a different story as More People Are Betting on Sports Online.

For the last few years, more bettors are betting online than at betting shops and physical sportsbooks. For fans of in-person betting this is a tough one to swallow. However, there are some truths that betting shop fans cannot ignore. And yes, at the moment there is nothing that beats the thrill and excitement of in-person betting a sportsbook. However, as virtual sports betting technology increases, in-person betting may become something from the past.

Why More People Are Betting on Sports Online – The Pros and Cons

Advantages of Online Sports Betting

Why More People Are Betting on Sports Online – The Pros and ConsConvenience and Accessibility – Most people do not have access to going to a sportsbook or betting shop in person. Furthermore, even if there is one nearby, it is not always convenient to go there in person.  Especially if you are trying to place a bet on sport at the last minute or while at work.

More Betting Options Available – A physical sportsbook will mostly have sports wagering on popular sports. In addition, it will not give you the ability to create your own prop bets. The biggest advantage for online betting is the live sports betting option.  This is because it allows gamblers to bet on the action as it takes place during a game.

A Bigger Selection of Sports Betting Odds – Internet gambling is popular because it does not limit a player as to where and who to bet with. For example, at a betting shop the sports betting odds you see are it. However, when you bet online, you can choose different sportsbooks with different betting odds.

Sports Betting Bonuses – Betting shops only take bets and pay the winners. And why should they? They have no incentive to give out bonuses since there is nowhere else a gambler can place their bet. On the other hand, gamblers can make extra money from online sportsbook bonuses and promotions. This is because they have to fight for your business due to the competition. Furthermore, the top online sportsbooks will also have several player reward programs and seasonal promotions as well.

Cons of Online Sports Betting

Payouts – While depositing money is not a problem with an online sportsbook, the payouts tend to be slower. While some rare online bookmakers are able to pay your winning in a few hours, the majority of them will take about 24 hours before give you your payout.

Riskier – In general, online sportsbooks are safe even if they happen to be offshore sportsbooks. This is because even offshore sportsbooks are under some kind of regulation. The bigger risk of online sports gambling are scams with fake websites that try to steal your credit card information.

Social Element – For those who like to go out and socialize with their betting peers, online sports gambling is not the solutions. Since everything is done online, the only interaction will be on their customer service chat.

Why Online Sports Betting Will Remain More Popular

Unfortunately, there is not much hope for in-person sportsbooks to ever overtake their popularity amongst gamblers. We do not expect physical to go out of business as long as they focus on their strong point. However, online sports betting is much easier and more efficient while sportsbook retail shops are more expensive to run.

On the other side of the coin, Opening an Online Sportsbook is Much Easier and Affordable. In addition, the monthly upkeep cost and the number of employees much lower. Thus, they definitively have the advantage in terms of finance.

This is especially true if they use a bookie pay per head company to run their online gaming operation. Using them is only a few dollars per week per player and bookies do not have to worry about employees. In addition, sportsbook owners do not have to worry updating their sports betting platform or lines management.

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