Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants to Join Multi-State Online Poker Compact

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants to Join Multi-State Online Poker Compact

A Pennsylvania lawmaker introduced a bill allowing poker rooms operating in the state to join the multi-state online poker compact. Once passed, the law requires the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to join the MSIGA.

According to pay per head sportsbook experts, MSIGA is the agreement that permits regulated and taxed jurisdictions to share players in online poker. Also, online gambling was legalized in Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada in 2013; Michigan in 2022, and West Virginia in 2023. Representative George Dunbar submitted House Bill 2078 on March 5. Then, it went to the Gaming Oversight Committee.

Five lawmakers—Democrat Ed Nielsen, Aaron Bernstine, Mike Cabell, and Barry J. Joswiak—from the Republican Party and the Democratic Party—co-sponsored it.

Dunbar’s bill gives PGCB power to seek MSIGA membership. If no federal violations beyond state lines are found, PGCB must apply within 30 days. Also, there is no need to apply if a federal judge has already ruled. It is worth noting that this confirmation of authority is significant, as a spokesperson for the PGCB informed sources a few years ago that the decision is left to the Governor.

Pennsylvania to Join Multi-State Online Poker Compact

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants to Join Multi-State Online Poker CompactOnly seven states in the US have decriminalized online poker: Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Nevada. Delaware’s online poker market is on hold due to a switch in software providers caused by its small size.

The sector is constrained because individual states have historically determined whether gambling is allowed in the US. Online poker can only emerge as a minor participant in the massive online gambling market if governments work together to implement player liquidity, the industry term for letting players from different states play on the same site.

A message from Rep. Dunbar urging his colleagues to support his measure was included.

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