Irish Bookie Takes Bets for Garth Brooks to Cancel Concerts

Irish Bookie Takes Bets for Garth Brooks to Cancel Concerts

An Irish bookie takes bets for American country star Garth Brooks to cancel his concerts at Croke Park. It came after Brooks announced three additional concert dates to the original two days. As a result, Brooks will perform at Croke Park on September 9 to 11, 16, and 17 in 2022.

Paddy Power set odds of 6/4 that Brooks will cancel all five concerts. However, the bookie said they were not convinced that the American country icon would hold the concerts as scheduled. Also, the five concert dates come seven years after Brooks canceled five performances in 2014. According to bookie pay per head software reports, the cancellation left 400,000 fans disappointed.

According to pay per head bookie sources, the singer was furious after residents of Croker opposed adding more dates to his 2014 tour. However, Paddy Power is betting that the same thing will happen this year. They even revealed a billboard featuring Brooks on a sheep.

Irish Bookie Takes Bets for Concert Cancellation

Irish Bookie Takes Bets for Garth Brooks to Cancel ConcertsTo appease both GAA fans and devotees of the country star, the wagering firm has brought forth an arrangement to compensate both camps. learned that Paddy Power declared they are likewise taking wagers on the reviled Mayo footballers to dump Dublin out of the 2022 Senior Football Championship. Also, the sportsbook said that fans of Mayo and Garth Brook have many things in common. They tried to be the star at Croker, but their journey to the venue has been painful. In addition, both have loyal fans that would stay through thick and thin.

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