How to Open a Soccer Sportsbook with a Pay Per Head

How to Open a Soccer Sportsbook with a Pay Per Head

A lot of people often ask us how a bookie makes money. The concept is simple- for every bet a player makes, the bookie takes a commission, called the vigorish. There are a lot of other ways that a bookie can earn, but at the simplest definition, this is how bookies earn. The next question we often get is how easy or hard it is, and how expensive it is to open a sportsbook. Especially for soccer, when it is such a popular sport internationally. Today, we will walk you through the simplest process of how to open a soccer sportsbook with a pay per head software.

How to Open a Soccer Sportsbook with a Pay Per Head

How to Open a Soccer Sportsbook with a Pay Per HeadStep 1: Finalize Your Plans

As a bookie, you will need to determine the scope of your business. Do you want to run a small sportsbook to cater a specific number of players only, or are you going in to expand eventually? Will you be doing this full time, or part time? How much are you willing to spend to open your sportsbook?

This will help prepare you for what comes next, although with a pay per head sportsbook software, much of your concerns will be addressed easily.

Step 2: Get a Good Bookie Software

Your bookie software should have everything that you need to get started. For one, you need to get the best bookie pay per head providers to help you create a sportsbook website your players can bet on. Of course, you need to make sure that they offer a complete portfolio of soccer leagues and tournaments across the world. This not just helps you earn more with more betting products, but it keeps your players happy, too. Through your sportsbook, they can check their bets on Latin American soccer, place bets on UEFA matches, and look for matches to bet on in the MLS.

The bookie software you get will also help you manage the sportsbook easily, so you do not have to worry about recording bets or computing the winnings of each player – the software has the tools to do this for you quickly, and accurately as well.

Step 3: Add Players and Go Live

Next, you just need to add players in your sportsbook. You can add players you already know, and invite new people as well. It helps to offer promotions and bonuses to encourage them to sign up, place deposits, and bet on their favorite sports games or players.

From here, you just need to check the betting lines and adjust them as needed. If eventually you want to expand your soccer sportsbook to cater to more players from around the world, you need not worry. The software is just as capable of helping you as efficiently as it can when you have a smaller operation.


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