How Much Does the NFL Pay Super Bowl halftime Artists?

How Much Does the NFL Pay Super Bowl halftime Artists?

We all know that Super Bowl LVIII is in just 4 short days but for non-football fans, this means nothing. In fact, many non-fans do not even know that the 49ers are playing against the Chiefs for this Super Bowl. Instead, the only thing they know is that Usher will be performing during Super Bowl LVIII halftime show. In turn, this brings us to the question as to How Much Does the NFL Pay Super Bowl halftime Artists?

Well, this is actually a kind of trick question, or maybe not. According to iGaming news, the NFL does not pay artists for their halftime show performance. So, this brings about another even bigger question. Why in the world would a famous singer perform at the Super Bowl for free?

How Much Does the NFL Pay Super Bowl halftime Artists – Nothing

Every year, the NFL recruits some of the biggest music stars to perform in the Super Bowl halftime show. Interestingly enough, despite not getting paid for performing in the halftime show, they all want to do it. Why would stars worth millions like and even billions like Jennfer Lopez, Shakira, and Rihanna agree to such a deal? Let’s find out!

Why Would Artist Perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show for Nothing?

Why Would Artist Perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show for Nothing?So the NFL treats and picks up the tab. However, it is still a lot of work to put on a show. So why would any artist agree to Perform the Super Bowl Halftime show for free? Are they just doing it for the honor of performing in a popular show?

While this may not be the motivation for all artist, the reason are album sales. This is because those who perform in the Super Bowl Halftime show see a huge increase in sales. According to Billboard, J. Lo and Shakira saw a 1,013% sales increase of the 14 songs they performed during their combined act in 2020.

Furthermore, thanks to his 2018 Super Bowl performance, Justin Timberlake secured his fourth Billboard No.1 album, “Man of the Woods.” In addition, even Maroon 5, whose 2019 halftime show was harshly criticized, saw the band’s sales spike 434%.

According to sports betting news, for Usher, this is the perfect time to perform at the halftime show. This is because he is currently releasing his first solo album, “Coming Home” in 8 years. The release of his 9th album will take place on Febr. 9 just 2 days before the Super Bowl. In addition, he will be going on a 24-city “past Present Future” Tour in August.

Needless to say, performing at the 2024 Super Bowl will not just give him bragging rights. It will also help boost his latest album and tour.

Why the NFL Does Not Pay Halftime Acts – The NFL Pays for All Costs Associated with the Halftime Show

One could argue that the NFL is picking up the bill for the entire cost of the show. This includes the production cost as well as the expenses of the artist like airfare, and accommodation. While it may not seem like much, it is a big deal as the cost is several million dollars.

For example, during the 2020 Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez and Shakria, the cost was around $13 million.

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