German Gambling Regulator Implements Player Protection Measures

German Gambling Regulator Implements Player Protection Measures

The German gambling regulator, Gluecksspiel, highlighted several player protection measures in the State Treaty on Gambling. Also, the regulator reminded people about the measures before the yearly nationwide day of action against gambling addiction. They observe it every September 27 of the year.

As part of its campaign, the GGL disclosed extensive data about the activities of legal gaming establishments in the country. In addition, it pledged to host more events to raise awareness of gambling addiction.

According to sportsbook pay per head experts, the authority highlighted the most crucial player protection requirements that all German gaming businesses must meet. Thus, such restrictions include a ban on simultaneous gaming and a monthly deposit ceiling of around €1,000 ($1,058). GGL allows players to set their preferred limits, enabling smaller bets daily, weekly, or monthly.

German Gambling Regulator Advocates Player Safety

German Gambling Regulator Implements Player Protection MeasuresRestrictions on specific kinds of gambling are among the additional player safety measures included by GlüNeuRStv 2021. When playing online slots, it is necessary to spin for at least five seconds before starting a new game. 5-minute break every hour, max bet €1 ($1.06) per spin. People who want to become a bookie in the country need to know these rules.

The German gaming authority is concerned not only with the safety of its players but also with the prevention of compulsive gambling. The country’s gaming watchdog maintains open lines of communication with groups like addiction organizations in an ongoing attempt to strengthen existing restrictions and better safeguard players.

A member of the GGL’s board, Ronald Benter, emphasized the value of spreading the word about the player safety laws that casinos in the nation are required to uphold. He elaborated on how German clients can tell the difference between the legal and illicit markets by using the player protection measures provided to them. According to sportsbook software experts, it is the 13th such effort. Also, it coincides with the country’s annual day of action against gambling addiction.

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