European Commission Requires More Info on Malta Gaming Legislation

European Commission Requires More Info on Malta Gaming Legislation

The European Commission wants to scrutinize the new Malta gaming legislation. According to pay per head bookie software reports, the new law aims to protect Malta-based gambling companies from lawsuits in other EU countries.

Didier Reynders, the European Commissioner for Justice, indicated that the Commission is studying the proposed law. In addition, they want to examine its conformity with EU regulations. Reynders stressed the need for further information from the Maltese authorities before deciding on any follow-up steps in response to a written query from German MEP Sabine Verheyen.

The MEP asked the Commission questions, including whether the bill aligned with European law and what would happen if the Commission found infringement. According to Reynders, the Commission is unaware of any connections between specific members of the Maltese government and the local gaming business.

The Maltese Parliament passed Bill 55 in June, commonly known as The Gaming Amendment Act. The bill formalizes the country’s long-standing strategy of encouraging domestic gambling businesses.

Malta Gaming Legislation

European Commission Requires More Info on Malta Gaming LegislationThe extent of the changes is narrow, and they do not preempt lawful measures against licensees. On the contrary, they come into play when an operator’s or player’s behavior contravenes the Gaming Act or any other regulatory instruments applicable to the licensees of the Malta Gaming Authority. If a foreign decision meets these requirements, Malta will not recognize and enforce it.

However, Austrian and German attorneys opposed the measure. They argued the Act violates the fundamental rights of EU citizens and residents. Also, it undermines European rule of law.

Some governments are wondering if they should allow offshore internet casinos should be allowed to operate without licenses. In addition, the passage of Bill 55 might protect operators in the European grey market from legal action. Thus, many people want to learn how to be a bookie based in Malta.

According to bookie pay per head reports, the issue of new gaming licenses in Malta decreased in recent years. Previous explanations for the decline in registrations have pointed to the Financial Action Task Force’s planned greylisting of Malta in 2021. (FATF). However, the change from a multi-licensing system to a two-licensing system in Malta is primarily responsible for decrease. It’s important to note that Malta is no longer on the FATF grey list.

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