Dallin Hall Led BYU Basketball to Upset San Diego State

Dallin Hall Led BYU Basketball to Upset San Diego State

Dallin Hall led BYU Basketball to take down San Diego State 74-65. It was the first test for BYU this season and passed with flying colors. Also, Hall is a sophomore point guard who came off the bench for the game. He is still recovering from his knee injury.

According to a bookie pay per head report, Hall contributed 18 points and went four out of eight from the three-point arch. Overall, he shot six out of 13 from the field. In addition, he got two assists and three rebounds.

Hall’s dribbling skills were exceptional. In the second half, he consistently made shots for himself, culminating in a three-pointer that increased BYU’s advantage to nine with two minutes to play. BYU was down San Diego State 50-48 earlier in the second half. Two quick three-pointers from Hall put BYU up 54-50. The Cougars took an early lead and never looked back.

Dallin Hall Led BYU Basketball Against San Diego State

Dallin Hall Led BYU Basketball to Upset San Diego StateIf Hall can improve his off-the-dribble shooting, the whole BYU offense will benefit. With Hall on the court, BYU outscored opponents by 17 points in only 25 minutes. On Friday night, that was any player’s best plus/minus.

When BYU started using younger players like Dallin Hall, Richie Saunders, and Fousseyni Traore, they had some growing pains. BYU looked like a far improved, more seasoned squad than they did a year ago, suggesting that those crucial minutes last year paid rewards.

Against San Diego State, four additional players scored in the double digits. The 12 points scored by Richie Saunders. There were 12 points and eight boards for Foussyeni Traore. Both Jaxson Robinson and Spencer Johnson scored 12 points.

BYU is now 2-0 on the season after this victory. The Cougars host Southeastern Louisiana and Morgan State the following week before facing Arizona State in the Vegas Showdown.

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