Aspire Global Ventures in Sports Betting with BtoBet Acquisition

Aspire Global Ventures in Sports Betting with BtoBet Acquisition

Aspire Global ventures in sports betting by acquiring BtoBet, an online gaming and sportsbook platform provider. The acquisition is worth €20 million in cash, with €15 million paid when they close the deal. The remaining €5 million is payable within 12 months after the closing.

Also, there’s an additional performance-based amount payable in two years after closing the deal. The amount is seven times the EBIT of BtoBet in the second year from the close date. However, it can’t be higher than €20 million.

The acquisition of the sportsbook firm aligns with the online gambling provider’s growth strategy for 2020. Also, the investment would significantly affect its EBITDA next year. Aspire said that their latest acquisitions put them among the top iGaming suppliers in the world. Last summer, the company acquired Pariplay, an iGaming games and solutions supplier.

Aspire Global Ventures in Sports Betting

Aspire Global Ventures in Sports Betting with BtoBet AcquisitionAccording to online bookie software reports, Aspire Global is entering the sports betting market with a significant advantage. Its acquisition of BtoBet turned the company into a leading B2B gambling company. It now owns and supplies the iGaming platform, games aggregator, casino games, and managed services to various markets worldwide.

Based on sports betting software reviews and news sources, Aspire Global can now compete for any deal across the globe. Also, Aspire Global and BtoBet are a perfect match. The latter’s Neuron Sports platform gives more value to Aspire Global’s customers.

Also, the acquisition gives Aspire Global access to new opportunities and potential deals. Before the purchase, BtoBet has 32 operators using its sports betting platform across Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Based on bookie pay per head reports, the company is the leading provider in Africa and Latin America. Also, it entered the US market by supplying content to 888casino in New Jersey.

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