What Bonuses Can You Offer to Your Sportsbook’s Players?

What Bonuses Can You Offer to Your Sportsbook’s Players?

When you manage your online sportsbook, you will have to maintain a lot of tasks. As a one-man (or woman) show, you will have to juggle the many responsibilities of sportsbook management. If you use a bookie pay per head software, then this simplifies your job. Accounting duties? Your bookie pay per head software can generate reports for you. Marketing? You can offer promos and bonuses. But what bonuses can you offer to your sportsbook’s players?

There are a lot of bonus types that you can offer to your players. But you have to be smart with how and when you give out the bonuses. For example, if your sportsbook is drowning in NBA bets even without your promos, then maybe you should focus offering bonuses on either other sports. Or, you can focus your efforts on new players to bet on the NBA.

Tips on Offering Bonuses

You can check the activity of your sportsbook with the reporting tool of your pay per head software. Generate the numbers to see where you would like more activity. You should also look at which sport tends to get you the highest profit. Then, you can use promos to increase that even further.

You should also know who you should be offering these bonuses, too. For instance, a first-time player or bettor could use the encouragement to place their wagers in your sportsbook. Regulars should also be rewarded, especially those who have been with you for years.

What Bonuses Can You Offer to Your Sportsbook’s Players?

Here are a few of the bonus types that you can offer to your players. Again, your sportsbook software can easily help you offer these bonuses. If your sportsbook software cannot help you with this, or if you do not have one yet, check out these pay per head reviews and comparison. Meanwhile, let us take a look at the many bonuses that you can offer to your players.

  • What Bonuses Can You Offer to Your Sportsbook’s Players?Welcome Bonus. This is a bonus that you will issue to new players who will sign up in your sportsbook. What kind of credit or bonus will depend on you, and so will the terms of the bonus. Some will need a deposit to trigger the bonus, or require a rollover.
  • No Deposit Bonus. This is quite the risky bonus, since you are not requiring players to place a deposit on your sportsbook. It is basically free credit you are giving out to new players to get them to join your sportsbook. In this promo type, if they win, they get the profit from the bet, but not the bonus money stake.
  • Deposit Bonus. This is a bonus that you give your players when they place a deposit on your sportsbook. Keep in mind that you are not giving away money that they can withdraw. For instance, if your player places a $10 bet with the deposit bonus, and they win, they have that $10 winning to cash out.
  • Second Chance Bet. This is also called a first bet insurance, or no sweat bet. This is when you will give something to your players if they lose their initial bet. Usually it is 100% of the bet amount. Of course, you can set a maximum wager amount for this.
  • Deposit Match. This entails matching your bettor’s initial deposit up to a certain amount you set. For instance, if your player joins and places a $100 deposit, and you have a 100% match bonus, then they get additional $100. If its 50% match bonus, then it is $50- you get the gist.
  • Loyalty Bonus. Some bookies like to offer their players rewards for milestones met in your sportsbook. It could be the anniversary of when they joined, a birthday bonus, or something similar. It will be up to you if it will be any of the bonus types above, or if you will randomly issue credit. As the bookie, you have complete control over what you can give to your players.


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