Washington DC’s Gambling Subcontractor Does Not Exist?


When the topic of sports betting in Washington DC comes up, Intralot is a name that is always part of the discussion. They are, after all, DC’s contractor for gambling operations. Including sports betting topics. And its different from sportsbook pay per head providers, as the arrangements in DC require something unique. In DC, they require big contracts to have contractors hire local subcontractors. This is to protect local industries and labor forces.

However, Huffington Post’s investigation shows that the local firm Veterans Services Corp, or VSC, is a subcontractor that will handle half of the operations. And that this company does not exist. Well, on paper, it does, but searches come up empty. This is alarming, since the contract is given to Intralot without a bidding process. It raised a few eyebrows early on, but the current information on the company is unsettling.

Washington DC and sports betting

Normally, sportsbook pay per head companies like BookiePayPerHead.net operate with a larger audience market as they have an international reach. But with Intralot, their sportsbook operations are for the district only. As the investigation progressed, it now tells us that VSC will not handle the contract. Instead, DC09 will take on the subcontract.

This, again, is raising a lot of questions since DC09 was created by Intralot over a decade ago. This is as far back as the time when Intralot was gunning to win the DC lottery contract. Looking at DC09’s data, it seems that Intralot is also guaranteeing the DC09’s office space lease. Operations for DC09 is also handled by Intralot. Executives for these companies are also earning 6-figure salaries, which makes everything even sketchier.

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