US Sports Betting Action in Billions From 2018 to Present


When making a case on how much money you can earn from a sportsbook pay per head, the best market to explain it would be the US sports betting action. Since the repeal of PASPA in 2018, states in the US are now allowed to pass legislation to legalize sports betting in their state. Each state will also have control on the forms and features they will allow across their borders.

Most sportsbook pay per head reviews will tell you which markets you can cover, but as a bookie, you have sports from across the world to offer. And, anyone with internet access can be your player.

US Sports Betting Action

A good pay per head bookie tutorial will show you how to earn a lot of money from sports betting. And while it takes some time and effort to put up, it will be worth it. Since PASPA’s repeal last year, the US market alone has seen almost $10 billion in total value of wagers.

Nevada tops the contribution, with $5 billion worth of wagers since May 2018. New Jersey has $2.94 billion of wagers, while other states are up to a billion. This is, of course, not indicative of how much the market truly is. After all, this is barely a fifth of the number of states in the whole country operating.

There are more states that are estimated to allow sports betting in their states within the year. Some states, may take a bit longer. Nonetheless, the market, according to experts, will continue to grow. Especially with the increasing popularity of online and mobile betting.

And with the ease of use and affordability of making your own sportsbook, getting a share of this market is easier than It was years ago.

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