UK Gambling Firms Not Qualified for Emergency Business Rates Relief

UK Gambling Firms Not Qualified for Emergency Business Rates Relief

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced new measures to support businesses in the UK during the coronavirus outbreak. However, UK gambling firms are not eligible for the program. PM Boris Johnson supported Sunak’s move to provide relief in business rates.

According to Discount Pay Per Head, the Treasury department reserved £30 billion in business loans to help the nation’s economy. At present, many companies are suffering from coronavirus disruptions. The chancellor specified that businesses belonging in the leisure, retail, and hospitality sectors could apply for insurance claims against their policies. Also, they are exempted from business rates for 12 months.

However, Sunak confirmed that best sportsbook pay per head providers, casinos, and betting shops are not qualified for business rate relief. The gambling sector wants the government to rethink the decision on business rates.

COVID-19 a Threat to UK Gambling Firms

UK Gambling Firms Not Qualified for Emergency Business Rates ReliefThe coronavirus pandemic caused an economic emergency. As a result, many companies are struggling due to a lack of business during the pandemic.  According to pay per head reviews and news sites, gambling firms were encouraged when the House of Commons announced it would do everything to support the economy.

Gambling companies thought they would also receive a 100 percent business rates holiday for the next twelve months. However, the Parliament had a different idea. Also, the Treasury made the final decision to exclude the gambling sector from receiving business rate relief.

The Business Rates Local Authority Guidance released last March 18 excluded gambling clubs and casinos. Also, it classified high street betting shops as part of financial services. The gambling sector complained that casinos are part of the leisure industry because they provide food, drink, and entertainment to millions of customers each year.

The government added many businesses into the official guidance. However, it left out casinos, bingo halls, and betting shops. As a result, many gambling industry workers will have their jobs at risk because of the lack of support from the Treasury.