Tom Brady Will Return to Tampa Bay in 2021

It seems like Tom Brady will return to Tampa Bay in 2021. The NFL’s passing TD leader said that he is open to extending his contract with the Buccaneers if the team wants him. Brady made it clear that he would not play for a team based in a city with cold weather. He wants to spend the rest of his playing career in a warm-weather place.

Brady said that he’s happy to be practicing outdoors at this time of the year. He described the weather last Thursday as beautiful. Also, the legendary quarterback said that he had a hard time adjusting in the past when the Patriots played the Dolphins. The team can’t withstand the heat because they were used to the cold in New England.

Brady added that he loves the outdoor. As someone from California, he went away from the warm weather for around 25 years. Thus, he would not move to a team in the Northeast in the future.

Tom Brady Will Return to Tampa Bay

Tom Brady Will Return to Tampa Bay in 2021Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen sold their apartment in New York for around $40 million. According to PayPerHead reports, they are now living in Tampa Bay all the time. However, they still have a property in New York because his son is still living with his mother.

The weather in Florida is right for Brady. He completed 3,300 yards in 12 games. Also, he had 28 touchdowns with 11 interceptions. At that rate, he would have 4,400 passing yards and 37 TDs at the end of the regular season. It would be his highest total TD passes since 2011.

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