The Queensland Government Introduces New Casino Laws

The Queensland Government Introduces New Casino Laws

The Queensland government implemented new casino laws that would provide better supervision of the gaming industry. It came after other Australian states implemented stricter laws to supervise casino operations.

The new casino regulations removed the requirement for the government to provide compensation to casino operators after introducing stricter laws. Also, it allows regulators to fine operators a maximum of AU$100 million for breaking the rules.

According to pay per head bookie sources, an inquiry into Star found the operator unsuitable for a casino license. Also, regulators are recommending an independent monitor to oversee its operations.

New Casino Laws in Queensland

The Reef in Cairns and The Ville in Townsville are two other casinos in Queensland that will be subject to the legislation.

Shannon Fentiman stated on Friday that the new regulations would guarantee casinos operated legally. Also, casinos have the responsibility to lessen gambling damage. Fentiman is Queensland’s Attorney-General and Minister for Justice.

To be ready for the probable outcomes of the show cause procedure in connection to The Star Entertainment Group, Fentiman said that it was essential that authorities implement the changes as quickly as feasible.

The new regulations would update the gaming laws in Queensland. It introduces new payment methods and systems for casinos within the state. Also, the new options are secure and dependable. However, online casinos weren’t nonetheless included in it.

Due to strict checks and balances, all monetary alternatives, including technical assessments and harm reduction strategies, must be considered and authorized.

On a different note, sportsbooks are now switching to a retention strategy. That way, they can retain old players to grow their operations.

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