Sportsbooks are open: 32 teams have qualified to play football in Qatar 2022, and ESPN already has its favorite!

FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022

FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022

FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022
FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022

Wales, Australia, and Costa Rica were the last three teams lined up for the FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022. So pay per head providers stay tuned! Because it’s time to start the debate about which team will win the biggest sporting event in the world. So, if you are Bookie Pay Per Head, this article could be interesting!

Now is the time to look forward to November 21! But, ESPN has started its own ranking of all the teams. This ranking is ordered from highest to lowest, according to some variables. But who are the top five teams? Let’s start reading!

ESPN Ranking: Heading to QATAR 2022

In an attempt to boost sports gambling news coverage, ESPN has created this ranking. In this case, the variables considered are the starting team, offer alternatives, coach, best player, history, current affairs, market value and draw. Each one with a scale from 1 to 10, the most favorite team is Brazil; instead, Saudi Arabia is the latter.

Of course, Brazil is number one because they have a lot of qualities and a trustworthy starting team. Undoubtedly, it is a selection with an impressive background, and with a long history of sporting successes related to football. The second is France, the current champion is a team that has always shown a high level. And, it has a complete list of qualified players to face any difficulty. 

FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022
FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022

Next, we have Argentina, a team that is among the best in the world. In this case, it has a leader like Messi, who has always shown a complete team domine in the playing area.


To complete the first twelve teams, we can mention England, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay, Belgium, Denmark, and Serbia. Sure, all of these teams have a high probability of being the next world champion. But, don´t forget that we have over 20 teams, each one with the same possibilities!

What are the rest of the teams?

The current African champion, Senegal, has the best prospects on the African continent. Some of its qualities could be an impressive individual background and group synergy. Then Croatia, the surprise team in Russia 2018, has maintained good performance in recent years. Also, Mexico is number 15 in ESPN’s top 20, among other advantages, they have a magnificent coach like Gerardo Martino.

As we mentioned, this FIFA World Cup is going to be very exciting, as always! According to ESPN, in descending order, other teams that will be in the battle, are:

  • United States
  • Poland
  • Swiss
  • Morocco
  • South Korea
  • Welsh
  • Ecuador
  • Canada
  • Cameroon
  • Ghana
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Iran
  • Costa Rica
  • Tunisia
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia

Now, we can´t expect to watch FIFA World CUP Qatar 2020. But, if you want to start betting on your favorite team, go to PeriodReport!