Spain to Implement Gambling Ad Ban

Spanish lawmakers are feeling the pressure from anti-gambling groups. Although the evidence showed gambling is just a form of entertainment for Spaniards, Spain’s ombudsman wants a complete gambling ad ban.

According to pay per head sportsbook analysts, four percent of respondents gambled online a day ago, and only one percent were regular gamblers. Despite the low numbers, Acting Ombudsman Francisco Fernandez Marugan lobbied for a total ban of gambling ads.

However, state-run operations are exempted from the gambling ad ban. In fact, ONCE lottery and SELAE are excluded from the proposed ban. Ombudsman Marugan told pay per head news reporters that gambling is a public health issue. As a result, it should be dealt with properly.

Gambling Ad Ban in Spain

Spain to Implement Gambling Ad BanThe Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol released a statement supporting the gambling advertisement ban. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party doesn’t have a majority position in the government. However, it plans to draft a Royal Decree to implement a gambling ad ban.

Drafting a Royal Decree means it can become law. Also, the Ministry of Finance supports the ban. As a result, it gives the proposal additional legislative support. Unless something happens to stop the Royal Decree, all types of gambling ad will not be allowed in Spain.

However, the gambling industry is not happy with the views of the ombudsman. In fact, they asked him to do proper research on the subject. Also, they want him to know how the ban will impact the industry.

Bookie pay per head operators question why the ombudsman wants a total ban but excludes ads for state-run operations. Although ONCE and SELAE do charity work, they still offer gambling products.

If the ombudsman says gambling is a public health issue, then he should consider all types of gambling with no exceptions. One should not be a hypocrite by not including a select few.

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