Premier Propose Changes to Bermuda Casino Law

Premier David Burt indicated that the current Bermuda casino law was unsuccessful in creating a gaming industry on the island. Burt, also the finance minister of the island nation, said that obstacles prevented the establishment of casinos.

According to bookie PPH sources, Burt proposed to amend the current legislation to kick-start a casino sector. The last time the government amended legislation was in 2017 via the Casino Gaming Amendment Act. Also, the law gave ministers greater control over gaming regulators. Also, ministers can employ and fire regulators.

Burt described his proposal as reforms to the gambling law. According to bookie software reports, it has been nine years since the previous administration signed the Gaming Act. However, Bermuda still doesn’t have a single casino.

Changes to Bermuda Casino Law

Premier Propose Changes to Bermuda Casino LawBurt stated that potential casino operators should have the freedom to choose their own business models, and the legislation should clarify that the industry is under the purview of the finance minister.

Several influential individuals in the business and hotel sectors have informed gambling news outlets that the BGC’s perceived government supervision is the primary barrier to developing casinos on the island.

According to Cole Simons, head of the One Bermuda Alliance, a finance minister should not oversee gambling. He said that the main problem of the gaming industry in the country is the banking infrastructure. At present, the finance sector can’t support the gaming industry.

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