PPH101.com is one of the newer pay per head bookie providers we see in the market, but they stand out as they have their own proprietary software, instead of using API or DGS. Let’s take a look at their pay per head software, see if their site is easy to use. We’ll also review the features that their site offers, as well as their rates, and other little things that make a sportsbook pph good. 

As to what makes up their site, they do boast exceptional security measures, with redundant phone and internet connections to ensure no down time and protection from hacks or the like. 

Bookie Mgt. Platform: 8.5 out of 10

Player Platform: 8.0 out of 10

Cost Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Customer Service: 8.0 out of 10

TOTAL RATING: 7.5 out of 10

Info and Details about PPH101.com Pay Per Head

Company Information

  • Inception: 2016
  • Platform: proprietary
  • Price Per Player: $15
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Telephone:1-866-434-4358
  • Website: pph101.com
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Current Promotion: 1 Free Week

Gambling Features

  • Sports Betting: yes
  • Live Sports Betting: yes
  • Online Casino: yes
  • Racebook: yes
  • Live Casino: yes
  • Poker Room: no
  • Online Gambling: yes
  • Telephone Gambling: Yes

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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Our first look at PPH101.com’s bookie pay per head services shows potential. The site looks clean, runs fast, and is detailed. The first problem we saw, was that there was nowhere for us to sign up. Apparently, you will need to get in touch with their customer service people to be able to create an account. While they think it personalizes the experience, it is a waste of time and resource, as this is something that could have been done with just a simple form in a site. 

After getting us set up and collecting our deposit, we were able to go in and see the actual software. They do have a lot of features, which explains why we needed to register with an agent. The pay per head software rate is expensive at $15 per head, although we heard that its possible to negotiate a lower rate. 

PPH101.com Player and Agent Platform Review

As a whole, their agent software has what every bookie will need in terms of line and player management. The problem is, its hard to find them. They use terms that are not familiar to the novice bookie. This means that until you get a hang of the software, or you are a veteran bookie, you will have a bit of a learning curve before you can use their software easily. 

Learning curve aside, you will have the tools you can find in bookie pay per head providers. As a player, you will also be able to find things a bit easier. The user interface is good, but not too intuitive. Design-wise, the site for players is a bit drab. This is a bit of a letdown for us. For a young site, as well as a site that has created their own software, you’d think they could spare more time and resources to go for a modern, aesthetically-pleasing site. 

And given the price point of their site, we were really hoping for a more expensive-looking site for both the bookie and the player. Instead, we do have a bit of a problem since we like the interface, but we are turned off by its appearance.

Our Opinion about PPH101.com

PPH101.com is a good site. The promise of a proprietary software is somehow overshadowed by a drab looking site that is a bit hard for bookies to understand in the beginning. Given the rate of $15 per head, its on the more expensive side of the pay per head service price range. But the site does not have that $15 per head feel. In fact, we’ve seen $5 per head sites that look classier than them. And while functionality rules, its appearance still matters, especially for the reputation of bookies. For us, they are an okay site, but keep an eye out for more options. 

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Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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 by Roger

The premise of the site is good: they have their own software and their security is good. But everything else is average, not to mention expensive. They had such promise, but it was impractical and overpriced so I transferred somewhere else.

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