Players Ready to Discuss Moving MLB All-Star Game Location

Players Ready to Discuss Moving MLB All-Star Game Location

The Major League Baseball All-Star game was supposed to be in Atlanta in July. However, the Georgia governor signed voting-restriction legislation into law Thursday. Thus, the Players Association is thinking of moving MLB All-Star game location out of the state.

Players are aware of the Georgia voting bill that makes voting difficult for Black voters. Union president Tony Clark said they haven’t discussed with the league about the issue. However, they would bring it up once they talk about the topic with the league.

According to betting software reviews and news sites, President Joe Biden described the Georgia law as un-American and pernicious. He warned people that it made Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.

Moving MLB All-Star Game Location

Players Ready to Discuss Moving MLB All-Star Game LocationThere are calls to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta. It is not the first time that a professional league would move the venue of its All-Star event. In 2016, the National Basketball Association moved the All-Star Game from Charlotte due to a bill that limited anti-discrimination protections.

The NBA said that it made a move according to its longstanding core values that include inclusion, diversity, respect, and fairness for everyone. Also, the league is willing to listen and consider all points of view.

Aside from the All-Star game venue issue, Clark also talked about several topics, including the expiring collective bargaining agreement. He praised the MLB’s approval for LeBron James becoming a part-owner of the Red Sox.

James and partner Maverick Carter became the first Black partners in Fenway Sports Group. The league has a low rating regarding diversity among majority and minority partners among team owners.

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