Players Bet on Trotting as Coronavirus Hits Sports World

Players Bet on Trotting as Coronavirus Hits Sports World

Players bet on trotting, table tennis, and marbles as most popular sports shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Trotting is a race where the horse pulls a jockey in a small cart. It has a niche following but has come into the spotlight because football, basketball, and other top betting sports are not playing right now.

Sweden doesn’t implement a strict lockdown. As a result, trotting races are still ongoing, and bettors have fun wagering on them. According to a pay per head bookie, there’s an increase in international revenue for trotting since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Swedish bookies do have international partners before the pandemic. However, since most Nordic countries canceled sporting events, their only option is trotting. Based on pay per head reports, the pandemic will cause an eleven percent drop in overall gambling revenue worldwide in 2020.

Players Bet on Trotting

Players Bet on Trotting as Coronavirus Hits Sports WorldMajor sports events, including the Premier League, Tokyo Olympics, and the Wimbledon tournament, are canceled this year. As a result, bettors and bookies look for other sports that are operating.

Bookie pay per head reviews named table tennis as the fifth largest sport during the pandemic. Also, it is a top earner during the global crisis. Another surprise winner is marble racing. It is videos of marbles going through a racetrack. Marble Runs seen its YouTube subscription numbers up by more than 100,000 in less than a month.

A bookie reported that horseracing in Florida and the Russian Ural Volleyball League are top sports betting earners in recent weeks. Other sports events that get the most handle are Taiwanese basketball and Australian greyhounds. Most of these events play behind closed doors.

Some countries still hold football games, including Belarus, and some African and South American countries. Belarus doesn’t recognize the pandemic. As a result, it continues to conduct sports events, including hockey.