NSoft Partnered with Maxbet to Improve Presence in Eastern Europe

NSoft Partnered with Maxbet to Improve Presence in Eastern Europe

NSoft is capitalizing on every opportunity it sees across the globe. For example, it recently improved its presence in the Balkans after news that NSoft partnered with Maxbet. Aside from solidifying its presence in the region, the bookie software provider hopes the deal can improve both parties’ positions in the market. In addition, the two firms share mutual partners. That way, further integration will be smoother.

Maxbet can overhaul its sports betting software solutions after signing the partnership deal. Also, it gains access to NSoft’s Seven platform. Thus, Maxbet can update its terminal and retail services to gain customer interest. They hope that it results in a lasting engagement.

On the other hand, NSoft can share its expertise in the industry. Moreover, it offers various betting options that comply with multiple jurisdictions. Thus, it is ideal for developing partnerships in the Balkans.

NSoft Partnered with Maxbet

NSoft Partnered with Maxbet to Improve Presence in Eastern EuropeNSoft could also gain significantly from the new transaction, as it will further solidify the company’s significant foothold in the SEE and CE markets. Marko Lasic, the company’s regional sales manager, was thrilled to expand the developer’s footprint in Eastern Europe. Also, it highlights the long-term value of the company’s suite of gaming and sports-betting products.

Lasic cited NSoft’s seamless integration as a primary reason for the company’s enduring success with service providers. According to gambling news reports, the developer has recently entered a new and lucrative market thanks to the company’s partnership with esports wagering solutions provider Oddin.gg, generating significant momentum across the Old Continent. The two organizations’ shared commitment to development, innovation, and quality made a partnership between them an obvious choice.

Maxbet may increase its influence in all jurisdictions by switching to a more advanced gaming solution package. In addition to its strong regional footholds in Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, the operator now controls 7.5% of the Romanian market. Furthermore, Oddin.gg, the industry’s premier esports supplier, has gained exclusive access to the underserved Balkan market thanks to the operator’s recent partnership with the company.

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