Most Canadians Don’t Know About Legal Single-Game Sports Betting

Most Canadians Don't Know About Legal Single-Game Sports Betting

Last year, Canada made changes that allowed legal single-game sports betting. However, many Canadians don’t have a clue as to what it means to them. The lack of awareness is one of the critical findings of a new report.

Lawmakers supported regulation the previous summer, allowing territories and provinces to conduct and manage single-game betting. As a result, it ended the prohibition on such activity. However, a recent survey showed 19 percent of respondents don’t know that single sports betting is legal in the country.

According to bookie PPH sources, the information about single-game betting is raised among Canadians who bet more. The survey likewise found practically 38 percent of respondents either made a sports wager over the past year or are keen on making one from now on.

Legal Single Game Sports Betting

Most Canadians Don't Know About Legal Single-Game Sports BettingThe survey results come as legitimate sports wagering experienced a boom in the United States starting in 2018. However, Canada’s advancement has been stagnant since the entry of the single-game betting bill a year ago.

Though some U.S. states have left on legitimization plans that have permitted private sportsbooks to compete in the market, Canadian territories have up to this point inclined toward government-operated lottery and gaming companies to take wagers.

Canada and the U.S. have differences in their legislative approaches. For example, Canadian regulation gives provinces the authority to supervise sports betting. As a result, lawmakers can enact sports wagering laws.

However, Canada stays an appealing business sector for online sportsbooks. Studies showed Canadians make billions of dollars in wagers with offshore and illicit operators. In addition, pay per head bookie experts estimate in February 2021 that permitting singles could produce $28 billion in approved betting by the five-year point post-legitimization.

According to sports betting software reports, a few Canadian territories have shown an ability to extend legal sports wagering past the lotteries. Most remarkable is Ontario’s arranged market for serious web betting, which is set to send off on April 4 and permit private-area administrators of online sportsbooks and casinos to take wagers in the region.

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