Montana Lottery to Operate State Sportsbook

Montana Lottery to Operate State Sportsbook

Montana lawmakers passed House Bill 725 into law on May 3. As a result, sports betting is now legal in the state. Now it is up to the Montana Lottery to develop the implementing rules and regulations of sports wagering.

The Montana Lottery told bookie pay per head operators the agency is in the design phase. However, it is confident that it can launch sports betting just like any other game under it. At present, it supervises ten games, including Montana Sports Action.

According to its communication manager Jennifer McKee, it is following the same procedure that it uses to develop everything. Also, she said that sports betting is legal in many states in the US. Also, it is legal across the globe. Often, it is the lottery that oversees its operations. Montana became the first state to make sports betting legal in 2019.

Montana Lottery and Sports Betting

Montana Lottery to Operate State SportsbookRetailers that want to offer sports betting will need to get a license for the service. However, it is only available inside the licensed facility. As a result, you will not see sports wagering accepted at gas stations and grocery stores that presently selling Montana Lottery products. Only retailers with sports betting license can offer the service.

According to the law, current Montana professional or collegiate player, staff member, trainer, coach, and referee are not allowed to place bets on any sports event. This will ensure integrity in sports.

Governor Steve Bullock vetoed a second sports betting bill. He said that he only wants one legal model to ensure its success.

The Montana Lottery will ensure sports betting offered in the state reflects what residents want. In addition, it encourages people to share their feedback. It estimates the revenue gained from the activity to be around $4 million annually once it is operational.

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