Lawmakers Approved Sports Betting in Florida

State lawmakers debated for three days and voted on several bills that would shape Florida’s gambling industry. One thing that lawmakers approved was sports betting in Florida. According to observers, Florida is now the most significant state in the US to offer sports wagering.

Governor Ron DeSantis signed a deal with the Seminole Tribe to give the tribe a sports betting monopoly. The good news is that people can place wagers on sports anywhere in the state with their phones.

The deal with the Seminole Tribe allows mobile betting if players are physically in Florida. However, some people are against it. According to the best bookie pay per head companies, Amendment 3 stated that any gambling should be done within Tribal properties. Thus, mobile betting might need a decision from the court.

Sports Betting in Florida

Lawmakers Approved Sports Betting in FloridaAccording to bookie pay per head reviews, October 15 is the earliest people can wager on sports in Florida. Also, the state doesn’t ban wagering on in-state college teams. Thus, players can bet on the Seminoles or the Gators and professional sports teams based in Florida.

The only exception is that players can’t make prop bets on college sports. Those are wagers on specific events in the game, such as how many yards Tom Brady would throw in a game. The good news is that the state allows prop bets on professional sports.

The Tribe allows in-play betting. That means players can wager on games while they are happening. Also, only individuals aged 21 years and above can bet on sports. They can place it at a Hard Rock or Seminole casino, jai alai fronton, racetrack, or sports betting apps.

On the downside, you can’t learn how to be a successful bookie in the state because the Seminole Tribe has exclusive rights to sports betting. However, the tribe still needs approval from the US Department of Interior in the next couple of months.

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