Japan Draft Casino Regulations to Allow Nine Games

Japan Draft Casino Regulations to Allow Nine Games

The Casino Regulatory Commission released the Japan draft casino regulations. It included a list of casino games allowed inside casino resorts. Missing from the list are traditional games such as pachislot, mahjong, and pachinko.

According to bookie software reports, the allowed casino games included 21 variants of games currently not allowed in the country. However, they will be legal in Japan as part of the integrated resort development plans.

The nine games include two types of baccarat, four types of blackjack, eight types of poker, roulette, craps, Sic Bo, money wheel, pai gow, and Casino War. According to pay per head sportsbook sources, the proposed rules allow electronic games.

Japan Draft Casino Regulations

Japan Draft Casino Regulations to Allow Nine GamesBookie solutions experts learned that the commission would accept feedback from the public until May 9. After that day, they will finalize the casino regulations. The commission proposed background checks on all executives and stakeholders of the casino operators. That way, they can ensure social credibility.

They will have detailed investigations into financial and criminal records. Also, they will determine if they have links to organized crime groups.

Casino operators are responsible for banning users suspected of gambling addiction for at least a year. Also, casinos will limit the visits problem gamblers can make each month. The proposed regulations require casinos to have a consultation desk. It will be for people who want to discuss gambling addiction.

The draft regulations require casino operators to display the current time on the casino floor. Also, ATMs are not allowed within casino premises. Casino operators can’t offer incentive programs and deals that can promote the passion for gambling. However, the regulations don’t provide any specific details about the particular rule.

Casino stakeholders need to provide their feedback on the proposals. That way, the commission can adjust the rules based on the comments they received.

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