IMG Arena to Launch NASCAR Virtual Sports Betting Game

IMG Arena to Launch NASCAR Virtual Sports Betting Game

IMG Arena announced that it would launch an official NASCAR virtual sports betting game. The company would offer streaming rights to other sports betting operators. IMG Arena signed a licensing agreement with NASCAR that allows the sports betting firm to use NASCAR’s assets.

The sports betting game will feature iconic race tracks, including the Talladega Superspeedway, Watkins Glen International, and Daytona International Speedway. The company tapped Leap Gaming to create the game.

IMG Arena will offer the virtual sports betting product to sports betting operators across the globe. With the deal, the company improved the portfolio of its virtual sports betting games that include tennis, cycling, speedway racing, greyhound racing, football, and more.

NASCAR Virtual Sports Betting Game

IMG Arena to Launch NASCAR Virtual Sports Betting GameIMG Arena and NASCAR signed a long-term partnership deal that will allow international sports betting operators the ability to live-stream NASCAR races. NASCAR held a race last May 17. Based on sportsbook pay per head reviews and news sites, the remaining races of the season will be available to sports betting firms outside Canada and the US.

You can make money booking action on sports, such as NASCAR races, through virtual sports betting games. IMG Arena is one of the top operators in the industry. NASCAR is happy to work with the company to bring NASCAR races to a global audience.

The partnership allows NASCAR to improve its international footprint. Its races provide excitement for racing fans for more than 70 years. The collaboration between the two companies would improve IMG Arena’s virtual sports offerings by bringing a popular product to various markets.

Since 2019, NASCAR signed several agreements to prepare for the changing betting industry in the United States. It signed with a gaming operator, data partner, integrity company, and other content deals.

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