When you start your bookie pay per head business, you will be able to start off with a set number of players that you prefer. So if you start off with friends and family members, you can very easily create profiles for them. From your agent panel, you can adjust the limits you have for each player, and you can also monitor their activity. This will help you measure if you are earning money from your players.

Based off on bookie pay per head reviews, you can call their customer service agents to help you add more. Or, if your software is really good, you can do it yourself. But how do you expand your player base?

Expand Your Player Numbers

Before you decide on how to expand your sportsbook operation, you have to be sure of two things: first, the time to handle more players. Two, and more importantly, you have the funds to carry the action the additional players will bring. For instance, you have 5 more people coming in. So get your pay per head rate, multiply by at least a month (adjust the time frame if you want), and you get the cost of adding them to your sportsbook. Next, is the action you are allowing them. For the worst case scenario, total their max wagers per week and add to the previous number. You need to be able to have enough money to float that amount.

Once you are comfortable with investing in your expansion, you can start slow. Maybe a player you know personally has a friend? You can offer your players free wagers for the NFL, or bonuses, to send someone your way. Then, when that referral makes a deposit, then your player gets the free bet or the bonus you will give.

This is a good approach because it wont be too expensive to add players slowly. Plus, the new players will be people that your players know, so theres a small level of trust there. This is a good strategy to start with, and one that most bookies use.

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