Genting Considers Nasdaq NY or NYSE Listing

Casino operator Genting Malaysia is planning for either a Nasdaq NY or NYSE listing. One thing is sure: they want to go to New York. They discussed the topic during the company’s annual meeting. President and CEO Tan Kong Han pointed out that the move could provide excellent value for the firm and their shareholders.

According to pay per head sportsbook sources, Genting will consider this when assessing the US economic climate.

Following the unsuccessful listing of its Empire Resorts brand, Genting Malaysia is exercising caution. The group had previously taken the brand public on the Nasdaq exchange to provide context. However, the anticipated success did not materialize, and the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. In response, Genting decided to privatize the brand again, demonstrating their commitment to making informed decisions.

Nasdaq NY or NYSE Listing

Genting Considers Nasdaq NY or NYSE ListingOne of the most prominent land-based industries in the US is Resorts World, whose parent business is Genting. Resorts World is one of three brands competing for three casino licenses in New York’s downstate. Resorts World might transform its local site into a full-fledged Las Vegas-style venue if it gets one of the licenses. Currently, the property offers slots.

If Genting’s proposal to develop its Queens site into a casino hotel is approved, the company anticipates a significant boost in its tax revenue, potentially exceeding $1 billion. In addition, Genting has committed to investing a substantial $5 billion in Resorts World New York, further underlining its growth potential.

Resorts World, one of Genting’s main rivals and a firm with a New York office, stands a good chance of becoming a winner, which would change their listing ambitions. In late 2025 or early 2026, the three license winners will likely be notified.

While Genting has expressed interest in developing an integrated resort in the UAE, it is not the only player eyeing the market. Wynn Resorts, another casino giant, is also moving forward with plans for Wynn Al Marjan Island. According to sportsbook software experts, this competitive landscape in the UAE gaming market underscores the strategic considerations that Genting is making.

Genting Casinos Will Remain Operational

Citing the ongoing expansion of Genting Highlands’ industry, Tan voiced his conviction that the government would not aim to shutter the casinos. Resorts World Genting (RWG), or Genting Highlands, is run by Genting Malaysia, the only gambling operator in the nation.

Moving on to more general themes, Tan mentioned that many nations that were formerly against the gaming industry have come to the idea of integrated resorts in the last decade. The announcement that two of Resorts World Genting’s three casinos will temporarily close on February 28th sparked concerns about potential closures at the resort.

Claiming that the restrictions were temporary, this explanation ran counter to what the media had reported, which suggested that the closures would be permanent. Genting has clarified that Genting Casino 1 (Circus Palace) and Genting Casino 2 (Hollywood) would only be temporarily closed for renovations. Currently, SkyCasino is the only casino that will continue to operate. The decline in business was the reason for the temporary closure back then.

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