Federer Ends His Career with a Loss

Roger Federer ends his career with a defeat Friday. However, he received a standing ovation that was a testament to his legacy in the pro tennis circuit. The crowd shouted his name as they cheered for the tennis superstar.

Federer and his longtime rival and friend Rafael Nadal lost to Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock at the Laver Cup. However, Federer said that he was happy and not sad. Also, the tennis superstar enjoyed tying his shoes one last time. He described everything that happened on the court as his last time.

According to sports betting software reports, Federer retires from professional tennis after 24 years. He won over 1,500 matches, 20 grand slams, and 103 singles titles. The doubles match was his last competitive tennis match.

Federer Ends His Career with a Defeat

Federer Ends His Career with a LossThe epic tiebreak that gave the victory to the American pair was a fitting finish to the match. Also, it was an excellent send-off to Federer, who produced many great moments on the tennis court.

The Laver Cup is a three-day tournament between groups from Europe and the rest of the world. Everyone has treated the event as an exhibition since it started in 2017. However, Federer’s retirement announcement gave more prestige to the matches this week.

According to bookie pay per head solutions sources, the Laver Cup has nine singles and three doubles matches. In the past, it didn’t get the attention of fans worldwide. However, this year’s event had become one of the most anticipated.

The hype was generally because of it being Federer’s swansong. However, it provided tennis fans with something they hadn’t seen for a long time. Federer, Nadal, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic participated in the same competition.

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