Damar Hamlin Starts Breathing on His Own

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during the first half of the Bills vs. Bengals game last Monday. The good news is he is recovering despite still being in critical condition. Also, his neurological function is excellent.

Buffalo Bills defender Damar Hamlin took to Instagram only days after his shocking on-field cardiac arrest to express gratitude for the love he’s gotten and beg for continuous prayers for the “hard road” ahead.

On Twitter later that day, he affirmed that the support was genuine and much appreciated. Sportsbook software reports show everyone, regardless of background, joined hands in prayer.

Bills players said that the news that Hamlin is breathing alone and communicating with his family, doctors, and teammates would give them confidence ahead of this weekend’s game against the New England Patriots.

Damar Hamlin on the Road to Recovery

Damar Hamlin Starts Breathing on His OwnAccording to bookie pay per head sources, Hamlin began waking up late this week. Also, doctors removed his breathing tube Friday morning.

On Saturday, when his first message since Monday was uploaded, Hamlin posted a screengrab of him on a video chat with Fanatics chief executive Michael Rubin and rapper Meek Mill. The three gentlemen are all smiles in the Instagram story screenshot of the three-way video chat.

After a string of catastrophes, including a racist mass massacre and a devastating snowstorm that killed at least 41 people in Erie County, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown called Hamlin’s steady recovery uplifting news for the community.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has tweeted that she is looking forward to cheering on the team on Sunday. Thus, she is likely to be in attendance.

Millions of people saw Hamlin’s situation unfold live. As a result, fans and strangers from across the country have flocked to buy his jersey and give to his foundation’s charity fund, surpassing $8 million as of Saturday morning. In addition, every NFL team has shown their support for the Bills player by lighting up their home stadiums and scoreboards with the number 3 and sending messages of encouragement to the man and his family.

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