Critics Call UK Gambling Firms Promise a Bribe

Critics Call UK Gambling Firms Promise a Bribe

The top UK gambling firms promise to increase funding for problem gambling treatment. As a result, they will raise £60 million yearly. However, critics called it a bribe to prevent stricter regulations.

Ladbrokes, William Hill, Paddy Power, Sky Bet, and Bet365 told gambling news sites that they are willing to increase their voluntary contributions. From the current 0.1 percent, they will increase it to one percent of their annual revenue.

However, critics said the increase is not enough to fund problem gambling initiatives of the government. Also, they pointed out that some gambling companies got away with paying nothing. As a result, some politicians, industry regulator, and charities call for a mandatory tax instead of a voluntary levy.

UK Gambling Firms Promise

Critics Call UK Gambling Firms Promise a BribeThe additional contribution offered by the top gambling operators will bring £60 million a year, according to a bookie pay per head analysis of their earnings. However, culture secretary Jeremy Wright wants the industry to be more socially responsible. In addition, he wants firms to ensure the safety of their players.

The UK gambling firms promise will bring more money for gambling addiction treatment/ However, Wright wants them to contribute more for education and research regarding problem gambling.

It is the priority of the UK government to protect people from risks of gambling-related issues. Wright urged the gambling sector to do more for the community. The UK gambling industry will release a plan to support the expansion of problem gambling treatment in the UK.

Earlier this year, sports minister Mims Davis got criticisms for saying mandatory levy was not needed. However, critics of the gambling industry didn’t agree with his opinion. They call for a mandatory levy to increase funding for problem gambling research and treatment.

To be a bookie online that’s responsible, you must ensure your players are safe. Even if you are not based in the UK, make sure you monitor players’ activities to ensure they are not addicted to sports betting.

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