Cambodia Online Gambling Ban Leads to Great Chinese Exodus

Cambodia Online Gambling Ban Leads to Great Chinese Exodus

The online gaming industry was booming in Cambodia. However, it came to a sudden stop two weeks ago. That was when Prime Minister Hun Sen issued the Cambodia online gambling ban. The government stopped issuing online gambling licenses. He said that the industry was a threat to public order and security. Also, the government will not renew existing gambling licenses.

As part of the Prime Minister’s directives against online gambling, authorities intensified their campaign against illegal gambling operations and scams. Just last week, police arrested 150 Chinese nationals in Bavet and Sihanoukville. They will deport the suspects to face charges in China.

According to betting software news, more than 10,000 people from China fall victim to online gambling scams. That’s why Beijing wants to eliminate it by asking Asian countries to ban offshore gambling.

Cambodia Online Gambling Ban

Cambodia Online Gambling Ban Leads to Great Chinese ExodusAfter the Prime Minister issued the Cambodia online gambling ban, it led to a Great Chinese Exodus. According to pay per head solutions sources, more than 10,000 Chinese nationals left the Sihanoukville in the last couple of weeks.

In fact, one-way flights to China are sold out. Airports are full of Chinese nationals returning to their country. In Bavet, many Chinese nationals are traveling to Phnom Penh to take care of documents before returning to China. The same scenario is happening in Poipet, the country’s third online gambling hub.

Market Street in Bavet City used to have rows of Chinese-owned grocery stores, restaurants, and other small businesses catering to the Chinese nationals working in the online gambling industry. However, most businesses collapsed in recent weeks.

Also, luxury cars were abundant on its streets. At present, you can hardly see one roaming in the city. In addition, most a luxurious gated community became a ghost town as its residents returned to China. All that remained are a couple of stragglers and local staff. Nobody is learning how to be a bookie in the country for now.

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