Boost Your Bookie SEO With Internal Linking

Boost Your Bookie SEO With Internal Linking

Too many sportsbook operators prioritize other aspects of on-page optimization and ignore internal linking. However, did you know that internal links can improve the keyword ranking of sports betting pages? Thus, we created a tutorial to provide bookie SEO tips on how to do so.

Internal linking is the act of creating hyperlinks to other pages within your website.

If you want to keep your visitors on your site, internal links are a better option than external links, which take them to pages on other sites. Please don’t confuse them with inlinks or backlinks, links on other websites that go back to yours.

Bookie SEO Tips for Internal Linking

Boost Your Bookie SEO With Internal LinkingOne of the foundations of search engine optimization is using internal links to signal to spiders which pages on your site are most, next most, and least essential.

Buttons, clickable pictures, and anchor text—the text within a hyperlink that may be clicked—are all used to establish internal links. For example, the following illustrates what anchor text on a website’s front and back ends may look like.

In-text links may be broken down into a few distinct categories. Also, the primary kind is “navigation” or “menu” links. Your website’s main navigation links are the most crucial ones.

Users will always see them in your website’s header, and they will serve to convey the site’s organizational structure. Product lines, primary services, and central themes are common organizing principles for such sites. You can also point them to resources to help them open a bookie website.

The footer links are another option. If you have links in the footer of each page of your site, as you do in the navigation, they will remain the same when the visitor visits other sites.

They should direct the user to other relevant sections of your site. You want the internal links in the footer to assist the user in locating another place to click if they haven’t found what they’re searching for on the page.

Third, the website’s usability is enhanced by convenient links located in the sidebar. Following these links will show you all that the PPH bookmaker has to offer.

Lastly, there are in-text links. They appear within the content of the website. Often, you’ll see them in blog posts, as you can see with this Best Bookie Pay Per Head link. It directs people to a page within the website.

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